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Let me tell you a story about my first and only camping experience.

I went with a few friends to probably the most popular campsite in town. We had a tent, some sleeping bags, and plenty of adult libations. Sounds like a great weekend, right?

Not exactly. For one thing, it took hours for the three of us to set up the tent. As you can imagine, we were starving and ready to gorge ourselves with the food we packed.

Care to guess what happened next? That’s right, we had just as much trouble starting a simple campfire. Believe it or not, it was probably close to midnight by the time we ate dinner.

Now for the sleeping situation. A sleeping bag might be sufficient when you’re spending the night at someone’s house as a kid. Not so much, though, when you’re sleeping on the ground outside.

Hopefully, you get the picture of this camping weekend. I told myself there was no way I’d be going camping ever again.

Recently, though, I heard about glamping. “What the heck is glamping?” you might be asking yourself. Think of it as a way to enjoy the wilderness without the aforementioned inconveniences that come with camping.

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Here are some reasons why you and your group should try glamping:

  1. It’s more comfortable – We don’t know many folks who actually enjoy sleeping on the ground, let alone walking in the middle of the night to a dirty restroom. Fortunately, glamping tents are much more comfortable and conducive to those who don’t like “roughing it.” The majority of glam camping sites also have clean restrooms with showers included.
  2. It’s an escape without being in the middle of nowhere – All of us need to get away every so often. But what if you just want a staycation? Sure, you could settle for a hotel. An alternative, though, is to check out local glamping sites. You might find some that are situated near a mountain range or alpine lake. Maybe the best part, though? You won’t be hours from civilization. It just doesn’t get much better than that.
  3. It’s affordable – Camping equipment isn’t exactly cheap. Luckily for your wallet, you won’t need much in the way of glamping gear. Plus, the actual site should have all the necessities. Depending on your length of stay, plan on packing several changes of clothes, food, and beverages. There’s no question that glamping is money well-spent. There are no hidden fees to worry about, either.
  4. It requires minimal “scout skills” – Traditional camping involves more than just enjoying some cold ones and roasting marshmallows. In fact, there are a number of skills that must be learned before camping. Don’t have the time or patience for all of that? Then glamping is probably more your speed. Just show up, relax, and take in the beauty of Mother Nature.
  5. It’s eco-friendly – Fun fact: glamping is a low-impact, green activity. Let’s switch gears for a moment. Think back to a recent vacation where you stayed in a hotel. We’re willing to bet that your hotel was not only expensive to build, but also costs a pretty penny to operate. Don’t forget to tack on those outrageous heating and electricity costs. Glamping, meanwhile, can happen just about anywhere. Plus, nearly all sites are good examples of low construction, recycled, or reused living arrangements. Thanks to glamping, you can appreciate and protect nature at the same time. Pretty cool, huh?

The Best Glam Camping in Austin

Have you been searching for “glam camping near me?” Then look no further than Planet Rock. We created this special place for those who want to get away for a bit and escape to the outside world.

What exactly makes Planet Rock unique? Let’s start with the fact that our site is excavated and designed with natural rock walkways, fire pits, and built-in plumbing. Of course, we have to mention that we have outdoor grills, an outdoor ping pong table, archery, giant beer pong, oversized Jenga, bean bag toss, horseshoes, and other means of entertainment for your entire group.

Guest comfort is our No. 1 priority here at Planet Rock. Should you end up booking an adventure with us, you will be treated to fully furnished tents that include queen beds, seating, and lighting.

Check out glamping in Austin for yourself.

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